Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Greetings to all!

This week's EOS journey includes Jesus' instruction to "love your enemy," which 
prompts the question, "Who is my enemy?"  It occurs to me that an enemy might 
be anyone regarding whom my relationship with him (her/them) is characterized by 
the word "or."  It's his opinion or mine, her way or mine, their life or ours, etc, with the
intensity of our feelings being a function of how significant the "or" in question might be.
If this definition works, then to love my enemy might simply be a matter of trying to 
turn the or into an and.  If I am successful in doing so, if the or between us becomes 
an and, then the enemy becomes a neighbor.  I know there is more to it than this space 
allows us to consider at the moment, but the concept seems simple enough to start.  
What do you think?

The scripture lesson for Sunday, May 8, EOS Week Four…
Matthew 6:1-18

Sunday Conversations are ongoing this Sun, May 8, as we continue our EOS inspired
conversations.  This Sunday's conversation will focus on "The Lord's Prayer" (MT 6:9-15).  
Come enjoy a cup of coffee, join the conversation, or just listen in.

RESETTLEMENT UPDATE - The Al-Nawasra family has arrived and work is ongoing 
to clean-up/set-up their apartment that they might move in by the end of the week.  The 
response of the Walnut Hill community (donations of time, talents and resources) has 
been AMAZING!!  Thanks to all!  Use reply email to inquire about how you might be 
part of this wonderful hospitality in the days and weeks ahead.

Exploring Our Spirituality (EOS) is ongoing through May 22.  Our theme for this 
spring is "Following Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount." EOS activities include Sunday 
morning worship (11am), Sunday Conversations (10am), small groups and individual 
study.  To access the online study book, visit  EOS Spring 2016 Booklet . EOS sermons 
may be accessed via   EOS Sermons .

A Host(s) is needed for our refreshments this Sunday, May 8.  Use reply email  to 
volunteer for this Sunday, or visit the online sign up to host a Sunday later in the spring.  
Thanks to all our hosts!

THE SPRING POTLUCK will be held on Sunday, May 15, Noon, immediately after 
worship.  Bring a salad or side dish and join us for this delicious Walnut Hill tradition.  
Meat, beverage and dessert will be provided.

The Summer Camp Season is approaching.  Walnut Hill children and youth have
the privilege of attending either (or both) of two wonderful camp programs, Cathedral 
Domain and Camp Burnamwood.  Visit Domain and Burnamwood for summer 
program schedules, information and registration.  Remember that Walnut Hill will sponsor 
50% of the cost for any Walnut Hill child or youth.  Call the church office (263-5304) for
more information.

Peace to all.

Mike Ward


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Walnut Hill Church was constructed in 1801 on land donated by Mary Todd Lincoln’s grandfather. It is the oldest Presbyterian Church building in Kentucky.

The church was established in 1785 to serve the religious needs of the early pioneers. The first pastor of the church was the Reverend James Crawford who also served as a delegate to the Kentucky Constitutional Convention in Danville in 1792. In 1785, Reverend James Crawford was one of two ministers ordained at the first meeting of a presbytery in Kentucky. In 1791 he opened a school at Walnut Hill for Latin, Greek, and the Sciences. Crawford died in 1803 and is buried in the church cemetery.

The present building was constructed during the "great revival" to replace an earlier log building that stood on the site. The building is stone and as it was originally constructed had eight square windows on two levels that allowed light to enter the sanctuary at the ground level as well as in the galleries that surrounded the inner room on three sides. In 1880 the church was remodeled and eight large Gothic windows were added to replace the square windows and the galleries were removed from the inside.

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